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In 2017, myself and Kyle Curtis, started a podcast called the NonSequitur Show. In less than 2 years the show had become something of a success, earning thousands of dollars a month, and accruing millions of views. In June 2019, Kyle Curtis decided to lock myself and our producer out of the channel and attempt to abscond with all the profit from our mutual business endeavor. In days thousands of the fans revolted as Kyle tried to continue on the channel without me…leaving thousands of nasty comments and massively down voting his videos. In Aug 2019, Glenn Williamson, a multi-millionaire friend of mine from Australia was gracious enough to offer to take Kyle to court over his illegal lock out and hostile take over of the show.

In Jan 2020 Judge Gale from N.C. Business court entered a partial default judgement after Kyle failed to respond to numerous letters and motions to the court…and was found liable for fraud, fraudulent conversion, unfair and deceptive trade practices, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract. Monetary restitution has not been decided yet, however we have been awarded 3x damages which we estimate were around $30,000 (50% of $60,000+ revenue), and expect to 100% of court costs which when complete is expected to be well north of a $100,000 of judgment. Kyle was ordered by the court to turn in all things related to the NonSequitur Show to me, but has since then failed to do. We currently have an order from the court for a contempt hearing for Kyle which has not yet been scheduled for failing to comply with the court order.

Kyle is attempting to have the partial default judgement vacated on the grounds that he was improperly served, and us not meeting the conditions for Rule 4 of the N.C. General Statures…by claiming the was not living at the residency where we had him initially served in Aug 2019. As per Rule 4, proper service is obtained by sending by certified mail, return receipt, a copy of the service, someone of reasonable age signs for it as an agent by law, and the addressee receives the papers. All these conditions were met, as service was sent certified mail, return receipt, and his mother signed for them, and gave them to Kyle…however, Kyle decided to try to claim that since he was supposedly not living his mom, which would not have actually mattered to proper service as per Rule 4, but in addition submitted multiple forged and altered documents to the court such as forging his ex-boyfriend name to a rental agreement and an affidavit, and submitting fraudulent and altered financial records.

Currently the judge is ruling of if service was proper, expected soon and judge has already said that Kyle failed to rebut service, and to also determine if there is sufficient evidence to turn over evidence to the District Attorney for criminal proceedings. Kyle also had issued me 4 false DMCA strikes, 3 of which from my own channel (NonSequitur Show) I was award by the court, and is currently looking at multiple felonies for forgery, submitting altered evidence to the court, and perjury. This is of course just bare facts of the story:


NonSequitur Show channel (with thousands of negative comments and down votes. Many comments were deleted, but captured by a API bot and sent to discord for archival) 

Reddit history of the NonSequitur Show story:

Back story of show and Kyle stealing it and tens of thousands of dollars: article on NonSequitur Show (Writer Peter Reilly got a lot wrong, but supposedly will correct things in a future update):

Evidence Kyle altered evidence:

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Kyle forged his ex-Boyfriends signature to a supposed rental agreement and an affidavit he submitted to the court:

Of COURSE Ben’s Signatures Match 

Kyle admitting to a 50/50 partnership, that he was going to unilaterally change the contract, take 100% of the Teaspring revenue, etc:

Death of the NonSequitur Show 

Reading of the transcript from last hearing w/commentary:

Legal information:

Court case:
Case #2019CVS8163

OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT read live from 9/16/20 hearing of Kyle Curtis

Reading of the transcript from last hearing w/o commentary:

NonSequitur Show Hearing – Motion to Set Aside – Transcript


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Everything in red had been altered: