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How I became a Sex Cult Leader 

How I became a Sex Cult Leader


Ever wanted to start your own sex cult? Well, sit back and let me tell you how I became a “sex cult leader”! So, once upon a time, I had a pretty popular show, but unfortunately I also had an extremely dishonest partner who quite literally tried to remove me from the show that we created together, take all the money, and then try to claim that he didn’t pay me (around $30,000), because I was committing fraud. (Not sure how if I was committing fraud, that precludes me from being paid what I was due, but hey this guy wasn’t the smartest criminal..but we will get to that).

Long story short (You can read about it my other entry if you really are either invested in the details, or having a long sleepless night trying to learn how to become a sex cult leader here-> https://greatdebatecommunity.com/2020/05/21/my-truth-my-story-and-being-metood-by-vlogger-katie-joy-paulson/), my former partner enlisted the help like minded people…like minded as in completely dishonest. They would sit in discord 24/7 and try to come up with ways to attack my credibility…including claiming that I had committed “fraud”, “medical fraud”, “social security fraud”, disability fraud, and worst of all “sexual harassment” allegations by one of his former co-hosts. (Hint: None of these were factual allegations)

He, my former partner, then enlisted the help of a YouTube troll named “UNIRock” (Again, if you’re that invested you can read about him here-> https://greatdebatecommunity.com/2019/12/25/2453/ ) who does professional LARPing, and character assassinations for “donos” (i.e. PayPal donations). This guy will quite literally say the dumbest thing that comes to his “mind” (I use the term in the most loosest of contexts), contradict himself multiple times in the same stream, or even within the same sentence, and will drone on for 6 to 8 hours streams, begging people to send him $ for “vape juice” and “red bull”.

Some of his allegations have been that I attacked a “disabled son”, “harassed” the person who falsely accused me of “sexual harassment” (Again, see blog of above if you are really that wide awake at night reading this!), watching “pron” (his way of spelling “porn” because he thinks it’s cooler) while live on stream, that I “faked screen shots”, faked “DM’s”, doxed him…you know, the usual shitlord playbook of fuckary.

In time he, and some others, decided it would be a really great idea to reach out to Frank Parlato Jr., the American Journalist who broke the NXIVM sex scandal, and try to convince him, by LARPing (Live Action Role Playing), that I was a “sex cult leader”…and so it began! 


Frank and I corresponded, and he actually however liked my content, and said it “impressed him favorably”, and that I seemed “rational, reasonable and intelligent”…and even became a co-host for one of my episodes. Yea, this how I became a “sex cult leader”, but just remember I never said it was how to become a good one.

So now their LARP now is to have Chris Hansen (the sit down guy who many YouTuber’s despise for screwing up the Onision case by not turning over crucial evidence in the case to authorities so he could have a story to sell, DMCAing, and doxxing Youtubers who used his content..anyway, that guy) “investigate” me for supposedly “doxing” (of whom) and “harassment” (of whom?). That I had been involved in “fraudulent GFM (Go Fund Me’s)…when I was the victim of an actual fraudulent GFM, not the other way around. Fun fact: All my GFM’s have been absolutely thoroughly vetted by GFM and one is even STILL ACTIVE!

I did talk to Chris’s producer about another problematic YouTuber, by the name of “Jessie”, who I absolutely believe needs some professional mental help, and personally I do not think those with actual mental problems should be tea for content. Just a moral principle I go by…to each his own right? At one time I thought she was pretty funny doing skits, as I like satire, so I helped write a few comedic skits, but then she would and did make false allegations against others, and that I could not condone that! So I distanced myself from her publicly. They did use some of my interview, but then of course people who once sided with my former business partner Kyle (Who, I did forget to mention was found liable for fraud, fraudulent conversion, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and breach of fiduciary duty…and who was found liable for $115,000 that he now owes me?) and his other former co-host (Katie Joy Paulson, aka “without A Crystal Ball” #WOACB) who falsely accused me of “sexual harassment” and “fraud”, wants Hansen to investigate me for things LONG since debunked…and to of course try to get my side. My side of what? Things which my audience knows full well were already proven to be absolute bullshit?

One YouTuber is claiming not just I am a “sex cult leader”, but that I have “sister wives”…this is news to me, and if I do, they are very quiet and apparently don’t eat much, and never spend any quality time with me. Can you get a divorce from invisible, imaginary “sister wives”? I’ll have to check on that one day.

I have of course politely decline any interview with Chris, as this is all so comically bizarrely ridiculous I can’t even wrap my head around it. All I can really do is get some comedic relief on it all, and perhaps work on my “sex cult leader” skills, as I have have been told by my friends that I am, in fact, the world’s worse “sex cult leader” of all time…BUT we do have amazing White chocolate Macadamia nuts, all the Diet Shasta you can drink, and really cool plush white robes that are good to relax in while writing a blog on how I became a “sex cult leader”!

Join us. 

-Steve McRae (The World’s Worse Sex Cult Leader) 


UPDATE: UNIRock is being sued by one of the most prolific filers of lawsuits in America: Jonathan Lee Riches (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Lee_Riches) who apparently didn’t take too well abut UNIRock running one of his dishonest smear LARPing campaigns against him. As of 2024 the defamation lawsuit is still in litigation, and UNIRock effectively left YouTube after being caught lying about details of the lawsuit after he tried to say other YouTubers where involved…who were’t.

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