Katie Joy Paulson and legal proceedings, My Truth: Part IV


I have consulted with my attorneys, and they have given me specific guidance on what I can discuss when it comes to my legal action against YouTuber Katie Joy Paulson (AKA, Without A Crystal Ball (WOACB)) in order to ask for financial assistance in my legal action against Mrs. Paulson. While I do have some funding available, and I am starting a new job next week to pay for legal expenses, it will probably be a few months at least until I am able to file in state court my complaint…as is much more difficult to cover legal costs now that Mrs. Paulson has filed a responsive countersuit against me, and even though I can show beyond any doubt that her countersuit contains objectively false allegations…it is still substantially going to raise the cost of my legal actions against Mrs. Paulson. Legal action that I have taken to restore my reputation, and show beyond all doubt, in a court of law, that all of Mrs.Paulson’s allegations against me are not just without evidence, merit, nor cause, but are not even in good faith, and are in fact retaliatory in nature. 

With that in mind I first would like to give a brief overview of history, based upon previously public information, with Mrs. Paulson for those who may be new to reading my blog or are unfamiliar with my content on YouTube. In 2017 myself and Kyle R. Curtis started a podcast and YouTube channel called the “NonSequitur Show”. During the run of this show, my then business partner Kyle invited Mrs. Paulson on to the show to discuss a topic called “Jilly Juice”. Specific details can be read on my My Truth part I:


Flash forward about 9 months later. Kyle made some of the worst decisions ever made by a YouTuber…and on June 11th, 2019 Kyle decided to try to remove myself, and our producer Booleanenator, from the show, effectually embezzle all profits (~$60,000) from the show, and blatantly lie to the fans about why he tried to steal the show from myself and the producer. I have been now in litigation with Mr. Curtis for 2 years, during these proceedings Mr. Curtis was found liable for fraud, fraudulent conversion, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, as well had apparently submitted altered evidence to the court, forged signatures, and lied under oath during depositions and in affidavits that he submitted to the court. 

Prior to these proceedings Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Paulson co-hosted a show on the NonSequitur Show channel called “The Smoking Nun”…which they continued to stream to the channel (Jun 17th, 2019) even after Kyle attempted to steal the channel. On Jun 15th, 2019 Mrs. Paulson, in a live chat, made a completely out of the blue allegation that I had “sexually harassed” her, an allegation which later she denied ever making, claiming instead that I merely supposedly said things that she felt were “inappropriate”. Mrs. Paulson never produced any evidence for these allegations, changed her story multiple times, and even fairly recently not just claimed she was sexually harassed, but that I had “hit” on her…NONE of which ever happened. I know beyond any doubt that Mrs. Paulson has absolutely no evidence to substantiate these allegations, but in addition, I know that I can effectively show in court they are categorically incongruent with historical facts. 

However, my lawsuit isn’t directly about those false allegations, but they are tangentially related. I wrote my first blog entry concerning Mrs. Paulson (see link above) on May 21, 2020. A month or so later Mrs. Paulson attempted to silence me by filing a completely frivolous TRO against me. In her filing, Mrs. Paulson specifically claimed things which were absolutely completely untrue…such as claiming that Mrs. Paulson and I were in the same “room” together when I supposedly “sexually harassed” her, and that I “abused her son”, and that I unlawfully “took photos of her and her child”. I have never been in the same room as Mrs. Paulson, nor even been in the same state as Mrs. Paulson, nor her son. You can read about how Mrs. Paulson phrases things to completely changed context here in my second blog:



I obtained legal council to fight her TRO, which was mutually dismissed…and as I have noted publicly I signed an NDA in order to eventually file a lawsuit against Mrs. Paulson for falsely accusing me of fraud, medical fraud, and sexual harassment. A few months ago I initiated legal action against Mrs. Paulson for both prior and more subsequent claims against me. While I am prohibited by legal counsel to go into the depths of my allegations against her, I can superficially say my case is defamation per se which can be objectively shown is in fact per se on face value of her claims being not just false, but some claims to be impossible to be true. 


So without going into much specificity, I can further say that Mrs. Paulson’s countersuit continues to make completely false allegations against me, such as accusing me of fabricating screen shots which unequivocally never happened, releasing of information which my TRO attorney said I was within my rights to release, and claiming I falsely accused her of fraudulent fundraising…all of which not only do I have affirmative defenses for, but overwhelming exculpatory evidence to show a jury.

These, and other allegations, I can prove in a court of law have directly harmed my standing in the community, both financially and reputationally. I can also show that Mrs. Paulson’s continual attacks on content creators critical of her, or those who speak out against her extend not just to me, but to multiple other creators and critics. I just need the opportunity to present my case, as well as defend myself in a court of law in front of an impartial and objective jury…and that is why I am now asking for community support. 

I believe this case will probably take approximately $30,000 to $40,000 and will be quite a bit more drawn out if I have to fund it all myself (I have 9 more months to file in MN court, and I have gone back to work to help cover legal costs)…I have already spent over $8,000 of my own personal funds thus far to get this case in a written complaint, and to respond to her frivolous countersuit. So if I can raise at least $10,000 to $15,000 it would be incredibly helpful to me in my legal funding, as unfortunately her countersuit against me has effectively doubled my initial predictions of the cost of the case…but I do expect to not just win punitive damages, but full legal costs as well. Raising $20,000 would be beyond amazing, as I also have to pay for my own expenses to fly to MN, which I was fine with for jurisdiction, for the trial if it is not virtual, as well as cover the cost of depositions, which will immediately follow discovery. (I should note; depositions are under penalty of perjury, as Kyle clearly didn’t fully appreciate the ramifications of lying under oath).

To tell you how strong I believe my case is…I am going all in here. I’m willing to put it all on the line to restore my reputation against Mrs. Paulson’s maliciously false allegations, and believe a jury will see Mrs. Paulson did in fact commit multiple counts of defamation per se by willfully, and maliciously making false statements that she knew to be false at the time of making, or at the least knew that she had absolutely no evidence for her allegations at the time she made them.

Although I can’t show my legal strategy publicly, it will be shown to Mrs. Paulson, and her attorney, via my legal council, during discovery. I would like this to happen ASAP, as I have no doubt Mrs. Paulson has no evidence of her allegations, as her accounting of events simply never happened, and that my exculpatory evidence, combined with the truth, is a complete affirmative defense. I have also given my attorney my enumerated conditions for any settlement, of which I have little, to no hope, of Mrs. Paulson accepting. I’m therefore will be asking for a jury trial for defamation per se, which would not just contain general and special damages, but putative as well…I also explicitly expressed that I want everything public as I want all to eventually be able to compare the veridicality of my evidence as compared to hers, so people can reach their own conclusions. However, unlike the NSS case which was tried not just in legal court, but also in the court of public opinion…in my legal proceedings against Mrs. Paulson I only intend on trying it in a court of law, as a victory there would be complete vindication for me, as well as possible significant compensation. 

I believe most people will understand this decision…and is why even in this part IV I haven’t  said much that I have not previously made public by myself, or by Mrs. Paulson. But I’m not going to make my legal strategy public, and just hope people accept that…and are still willing to help fund my lawsuit. If not, I completely understand and maybe more will after the case becomes public after filing in the MN state, where I will completely back up everything that I have said to date…with evidence.

I should also note that mine is also not the only suit being levied against Mrs. Paulson. Todd Chrisley, from Chrisley Knows Best, is apparently also filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Mrs. Paulson for her apparently defamational allegations against Mr. Chrisley…and is another reason I would like to get my lawsuit filed and in front of a jury ASAP…as I am not suing for nearly those amounts and want to make sure Mrs. Paulson has some means to pay off a judgment against her should I be awarded one…which I very strongly believe I will be…and I just don’t think there will be much left to recover after Mr. Chrisley is done with Mrs. Paulson.

If you would like to support my case against Mrs. Paulson to help ensure justice is done, not just for me, but for others as well that I believe Mrs. Paulson has defamed, attempted to silence, and misused the legal system to do so…then please consider donating to my GoFundMe. Every dollar is appreciated and I will be having multiple thank you streams to thank donors! 

I thank you all for your continued support and faith that I have told the truth, continue to tell the truth, and will continue to tell the truth…in perpetuity.


-Steve McRae

(All funding will go to legal costs, transportation, filings, mailings, and/or any other use I deem required to obtain justice and fair compensation from Mrs. Paulson. Other ways to donate is via paypal or become a member of my YouTube channel where I will be giving updates on the case. Receipts provided upon request. I am requesting funding from GoFundMe to have justice, not for a profit).

FUNDRAISER LINK: https://www.gofundme.com/f/katie-joy-paulson-and-legal-proceedings-my-truth

Author: Steve McRae

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