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Dear Mr. Atheist: Defend, Delete, Distract. (Part II)

I was contemplating doing a part II to my “An open letter to Mr. Atheist and other YouTube content creators.” , a blog entry that I wrote back in Aug 15, 2019 during the time when I believe that Jimmy Snow was, in some capacity, possibly helping my former business partner Kyle Curtis steal my channel called the NonSequitur Show, along with around $60,000. While pre-prepping for my part II, I found this rabbit hole of WTF from Jimmy and the saga of him and Rachel Oates, who was a friend of mine way back when…and man did things sound all too familiar to what Jimmy did to me. From him gaslighting his audience and outright lying to them when confronted with questions, to blocking anyone that dared call him out on his deplorable behavior, something I personally experienced first hand. Seems like his pattern of behavior is just a never ending, repeating cycle of  “defend, delete, distract” (attribution to Kristy Watkins, Dear Jimmy Snow: Please don’t manipulate us)

First, let me lay out my emotional cards on the table, so people know my feelings about Jimmy right up front. I try to make my writings as factual as possible, however, I think after all the shit I have been through, I am allowed to make a little bit of an argument from pathos here. I make no bones about it, that my opinion of Jimmy is that he is a narcissistic mountebank that uses emotional manipulation to cultivate an audience that responds to emotional rhetoric that Jimmy has mastered how to spew. He has in his past, admitted to being a narcissist, but would like people to believe he is a changed man. That he has learned from his experiences, and his past, and grown as a person from those experiences. A seemingly recurring theme in Jimmy’s arsenal of bullshit. It is the ever repeating, fuck up, beg forgiveness from fans, say will do better. It is the same tried and true method of rinse and repeat redemption arcs that pulls on the heartstrings of subscribers who can easily be manipulated because of their want to believe that people can actually change. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly believe that some can change, but I also believe some can’t, and Jimmy Snow is one who can’t. This is why he is constantly reinventing himself, and constantly white washing his history from his fans. It’s just another form of toxic narcissistic manipulation by Jimmy, as we all deep down I think have that want for people to change, and manipulators use that to their advantage.

Contrary to appearance on his shows, Jimmy Snow has never been about substance, to him it has always been about attention. He took absolutely no responsibility for his part in Kyle Curtis stealing the NonSequiturShow, and straight up gave a massive FU to the audience when he continued to stream to my channel that Kyle illegally took over, even though he knew full well there was a Cease and Desist, and pending legal litigation. He blamed Kyle for everything, and that he was “lied to” by Kyle. That he had “trusted a friend”, and acknowledged at the time that I “expressed understanding and for a time did not act contemptuously” towards him for that position. Which was true. I did express understanding, and gave him the benefit of the doubt which is why I wrote my open letter to Mr. Atheist in the first place. Fast forward to now, I now know full well that he outright lied by saying it was just him trusting a friend after his non-apology FU to the fans of the NonSequitur Show. (See my open letter)

However, at the time, I decided to try to appeal to Jimmy’s massive need to protect his image at all costs mentality and wanted to see if he would call out Kyle, or defend him at all costs. So I wrote my open letter to him giving him an “out” so to speak. At least an “out” when it came to public opinion, as all he had to do, as a good “skeptic”, was ask to see the funds that Kyle had told everyone that he had in an account for me. I told Mr. Atheist that all he had to do was just that, simply ask Kyle to see the funds, and I would not hold him accountable for Kyle’s fraud when all was said and done. You could ask why would I believe Jimmy if he is such a commensurate liar and it would be a very fair question…and I have a very fair answer. I did some quick enumerations in my head on some of the possible ways it could play out as I figured Kyle didn’t have the money:

1) Kyle had the money, Jimmy asked to see it and saw the money.
2) Kyle had the money, Jimmy didn’t ask to see it.
3) Kyle didn’t have the money, Jimmy asked to see it and saw the money.
4) Kyle didn’t have the money, Jimmy didn’t ask to see it.

My reasoning then went as follows:

If 1 then I would keep my word and believe Jimmy and my belief would have been true.

If 2 then Jimmy would not be as skeptical as he portrayed himself to be, and just believed Kyle without evidence and perhaps his audience would see that he was unwilling to help me.

If 3, well…3 isn’t plausible as it would be an ontological contradiction so not possible.

If 4 then, I would at a future date, and in perpetuity, be able to say that Jimmy didn’t ever give a damn whether the money was there or not! It‘s pretty clear to me that Jimmy Snow was in fact at the very least complicit in Kyle Curtis’ fraud, but I suspect he actively helped defend Kyle, and in some capacity assisted Kyle in covering up his fiscal malfeasance. It also would have been possible given #4 that Jimmy just could have lied and said he saw the money that Kyle didn’t have, in which case when it came out Kyle did not have the money, then I could demonstrate beyond all doubt that Jimmy was a bold faced liar. 

There was no question, regardless of if Kyle had the money or not, or if Jimmy asked to see the money or not, that the fans of the NonSequitur Show wanted answers where their money graciously donated to the show went. True to form, Jimmy gaslighted those fans and tried to rewrite history, calling *me* a “toxic narcissist”, and made it sound like I was bullying him! That *I* had some massive armies of stans that were bullying him…and that I was owed no apology from him for in some way helping Kyle abscond with $60,000. He just wanted to “move on” and just pretend none of it ever happened. Well it did happen, and he uses those same manipulative techniques even to this day to make it sound like he is the victim, and everyone else is the big bad bully. He uses the LGBTQ+ community as a shield. He uses his claim to have autism as an excuse. He cares about no community, no cause, nothing other than himself. Contrary to what he may think, he is not the gatekeeper to all things LGBTQ+.

As people are fully well aware of now, Kyle refused to show me, or anyone the books, nor account for the missing funds. Mr. Atheist was considered to be part of the “skeptic” community, and additionally, we know now, that he just took Kyle’s word that he had the money, rather than just asking for validation of the funds existing. We had also learned that Kyle had lied about having a CPA, lied about keeping proper financials as he actually submitted fraudulent records to the court, lied about having a lawyer when the case was initialized, and many many other things. I really did want to see if Jimmy would actually ask Kyle to see the funds that I highly suspected Kyle had already spent. Mr. Atheist not only refused to ask him, but blocked anyone who even dare asked him about it, and continued to shit on the fans of the NonSequitur Show, and continued to dual stream to both the NSS channel with Kyle, and to his own channel (I believe he deleted those videos from his channel) after a cease and desist was given to Kyle.

The last video on the NSS channel was:

NonSequitur & Mr. Atheist Take Your Calls

and you can read the comments for yourself of what the fans of the show had to say. 

Apparently now Jimmy does a show called “The Sunday Show” on a channel called “The Line”, that quite probably ripped from me as I had a show with the same name, but who can say for sure, that he does with former co-hosts of the NonSequitur Show, and members who were removed from the Great Debate Community for being complete shitlords. He even had on as co-host one of the most dishonest lawyers on YouTube he refers to as “Nate the Lawyer” (“Nate Broady” was his former channel’s name), who I personally believe directly helped Kyle come up with a scheme to defraud the court by telling him that he could have the default judgment set aside if Kyle could show the court he was not living at the time of service where he was served.

But yup fun fact: I had a show called the “The Sunday Show” from 3 or 4 years ago as well, fancy that right? While not exactly an original name, the coincidence is far too great to over look…especially because many of just as dishonest co-hosts he has who used to be in the Great Debate Community:

See for yourself:

I had always suspected that Kyle had been talking to someone with legal training, as the judge in the case noted that even as pro se it appeared that Kyle had been talking to someone with legal training, submitted a video by Nate which was used as “evidence” that he had moved (it was a dishonestly edited video that was woefully out of context) to try to argue that he was improperly served and that I had deliberately had him served at an old address just to get a default judgment (who does that?), and the fact that Nate and I have had very personal animosity with each other for years. Kyle’s ex boyfriend confirmed on my show the other day that Nate and Kyle had talked for quite a while the day of the default judgement and said that it was in fact Nate who was the person who gave him the idea on how to get the motion vacated, even though it would never had worked as in N.C. service would have still been proper even if Kyle had not been living where he was served. Kyle even went so far as to forged his ex-boyfriend’s signature on a fake rental agreement and submitted it to the court, alter bank record dates and addresses to make it appear to the court that he was living with Ben the time and not where he was served, and blatantly lie under oath during his deposition to both my lawyer and to his own lawyer…who eventually withdrew from the case citing Rule 1.16b (1)(4)(7)(10) which basically meant any further representation would result in a beach of professional conduct. 

Let me assure you, in no uncertain terms, that there is a massively tangled web of dishonesty among Jimmy and his cohorts, many of whom have been former guests on the NonSequitur Show, some even being former “co-host” on the NonSequitur Show. Jimmy was one of those “co-hosts”, as Kyle had wanted to do another show with called “Ad Homies” on a separate channel which would have been absolutely fine, but instead of actually doing that show on another channel, he continued to stream to the NonSequitur Show after I had issued him a Cease and Desist letter, and Jimmy just completely went along with it streaming to both my channel (NSS) and his own channel, and to his own audience. When people started asking Jimmy why he was streaming with Kyle, when it was pretty clear from the beginning that Kyle dishonestly attempted to kick me off my own show, Jimmy did what Jimmy does best…”defend, delete, distract”.

Jimmy would at first defend Kyle constantly, claiming that Kyle had the authority to remove me from my own show and assured people that I would be paid by Kyle. Except, how did Jimmy “know” that when he didn’t take me up on my offer to ask Kyle to see the money? Some “skeptic” right? Now, don’t get me wrong here. I totally understand the need, or want to trust a friend. However, even in my circle of friends I show them evidence, for if no other reason, so that they can tell others that they, in fact, have seen the evidence with their own eyes.

Jimmy would deflect when anyone would ask him about Kyle Curtis, the NonSequitur Show, or any involvement with Kyle’s fraudulent and hostile takeover of the show and misappropriating $60,000 of the shows money. Victim blaming, by trying to make it somehow about me. Arguing what a mean poopie-head I was, and that Kyle had every right to kick me off the show. That I was transphobic, and anti-LGBTQ, neither which are even remotely true, but are just ordnances in Jimmy’s arsenal to be deployed to deflect from any criticism.

Jimmy would delete any comment asking him about his involvement with Kyle or the NonSequitur Show…or about me…or about the money…or about why he continued to stream to a channel that he knew was fraudulently taken over by Kyle as we knew Jimmy from the very start of NSS and he knew FULL WELL that Kyle and I were 50/50 partners,that Kyle had absolutely no legal right to violate our verbal contract, and certainly didn’t care that Kyle stole all the money. He would end up blocking numerous fans of his merely for them even asking simple questions of his involvement with Kyle. He wanted it completely erased from history.

Jimmy had claimed that he had “stayed out of it publicly”…the guy had literally been streaming to my channel, on my show, that Kyle stole from me! How is that not public???? He also tried to publicly falsely accuse me of doxing Kyle, by providing Kyle’s mailing address for the show which was in the court records, in every email and letterhead of the show and was completely public information. He claims he was just asking a “lawyer friend” if it was doxing, any guess who that was? (See above if you can’t figure that one out)…but certainly by implication seemed to make it appear that I had doxed Kyle. Actuations of doxing is rather tried and true go to tactic in the group that Mr. Atheist associates with to deflect from any criticism of them.

Jimmy would distract by explicitly falsely accused me of having a “crew”, and that I somehow “spearheaded” a “campaign of harassment and cyberbullying” against him and, quote, “ANYONE who didn’t kiss his ring and publicly attack and disparage Kyle” calling it “disgusting and extremely unethical”. News flash, none of that ever happened. None of it. No one ever acted upon my behest to “attack” anyone. No one I ever saw “cyberbullied” Mr. Atheist. There was no “spearheading”, nor “campaign”, but those all types of hyperbolic, emotionally charged words, Jimmy knows work on his audience to get them riled up, making everyone else the bad guy while Jimmy tries to remain pure as the driven snow. (Bad pun? Whatever, I’ve earned it)

He also said that I demanded an apology from him…which was blatantly untrue. I generally don’t demand apologies, I ask for them when I believe they are sincerely due. Anyone can read my open letter to Mr. Atheist, there was never any demand for an apology. I may have requested one on Twitter at some point in time, or may have informed him that I believe one was due to the NonSequitur Show fans, but a request is certainly not a “demand”.

Defend, Delete, Distract. That is Jimmy’s playbook that he continues to use even to this day, as he has with his white knight level defending of Gabbie Hanna’s bizarre tirade against YouTuber Rachel Oates over her criticism of Gabby’s poetry. While I am still trying to get a handle more on that story, right now I can’t comment too much about it other than Rachel Oates has always been kind to me and I can’t imagine any situation that would warrant the things that Gabbie Hanna said about her. I can say however, it seems to me that Jimmy is using the same excuses he used to justify his actions to me. “Believing” and “defending” a friend, vilifying others, and blocking anyone who criticizes him about it, just like he did to the fans of the NonSequitur Show.

-Steve McRae

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