YouTuber Katie Joy Paulson (WOACB)- My truth: Part II

On May 21, 2020 I posted on my blog, an entry entitled “My truth, my story and being #metoo’d by Vlogger Katie Joy Paulson”. One month later I had an ex parte Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued against me for no other reason, other than to attempt to silence me from telling my story. My blog is mostly about philosophy, and some science, but that entry became the most read blog entry on this site, and is currently sitting with 6,354 views at the time of my writing these words. To compare, one of my more favorite entries, an essay entitled “Gumballs and God” is only sitting at the third spot with 2,103 views. Three times as much about a topic that isn’t even what my blog is about…but, my story was getting out. Or so I thought.

As it wasn’t enough. 

It wasn’t enough to get my story out to make a bit of difference, even though my entry was well documented, and as factually correct as humanly possible. I had reviewed it over, and over, to ensure every word in it relayed my story. Yet, still it wasn’t enough.

The facts are, I’m a single, cisgender, Jewish (non-practicing), heterosexual, middle aged white male. So I have to at least, in some small way wonder, if anything I say, no matter how factually accurate, or fastidiously well documented, in today’s online culture, it doesn’t compare to the mere allegations of a woman, no matter how non-factual, or devoid of evidence, their allegations happen to be. Those 6,354 views of my part I, took over 1 year to amass, and during that period, no one really asked me about anything. Very few readers even came to me asking me about my side. Of course, my close and dear friends knew the truth, some of whom it pains me to say are no longer with us, but in addition, some whom I thought were my friends never asked about anything…I realized now that they never cared, and it is a bitter pill to swallow…but worse than that, some actually started to believe the unsubstantiated allegations, even though there was never a shred of evidence to support any of them. Nothing. Not a damn thing.

Remember, many of these people I thought were friends, considered themselves to be part of the “skeptic” community on YouTube…yea, right.  Gotta have to throw the bullshit flag on that for sure as I am not even remotely exaggerating when I say there was no evidence of any sexual harassment whatsoever. I am telling you straight up, in no uncertain terms, quite literally, in the strongest sense of the word, there was *no* evidence submitted to the court of any sexual harassment. None. Nothing. Zip. Nada. I mean, LEGIT NOTHING. Not a single thing was submitted by Mrs. Paulson in regards to her allegations of “sexual harassment”, guess she figured she didn’t have to have any, as she probably figured I wouldn’t file a response and the court would just go by her hearsay affidavit, which wasn’t even notarized, but in MN is not required to be.

After all, it’s not like I have millions of subscribers to explain my side of things to in a video. I didn’t have the ability, like Emily Artful did with more than half a million subs, to take on a 6 digit subbed YouTuber that wielded power over an army of stans, as she very effectively did with CreepShow Art (CSA). Emily, with precision and evidence, showed that she was the actual victim in her story, and that CSA was the actual bully. Something that I personally knew first hand CSA was…but no one cared when I raised concern about CSA’s online bullying. It was ok, I was just a “boomer”, no one wanted to hear about my experience with Creepshow Art, nor her response to my criticism, which was not to address my concerns about her behavior, but instead to make a video about me that got her over 317,000 views. (My best video has about 82k). I quickly realized it was just about the views to CSA, and I just wasn’t interested in that kinda childish drama and left it at that.

But, did anyone care that she got information wrong? Did anyone care, she deliberately took screen shots out of context for drama to try to character assassinate me? Nope. It’s YouTube after all, right? The place where alternative facts reign supreme, unless you have a bigger badder channel that is…and/or at least a bigger badder story to tell. Two boxes Emily Artful had checked off in deep indelible ink, and huge props to her for getting her story out, as she had been put through hell. In fact, it is, in part, because of her video that I am currently writing part II of my story. More specifically, it was more me finding out that WOACB tried to, once again, insert herself into someone else’s story. To use someone else’s pain for her own benefit. To use trauma for tea. To try to “relate” to Emily, and make it appear that she too was a victim of CSA. Um, reality check here…Mrs. Paulson went to CSA to get her to make a video to character assassinate me, which CSA did, but who also said that she wasn’t going to do WOACB’s bidding. IDK how that exactly works, nor much care…but she also made one about WOACB as well…and at least on that one CSA got things right. I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day and all.

As for me, I am quite aware that it was, by far, a quite modest hell that I was put through by Mrs. Paulson, in comparison to Emily’s ten year long stalking ordeal by CSA…but, as I noted in my part I, it was my story. My truth, or what I like to refer to as “the truth”. Which made it personal to me. So, going back to the TRO that WOACB filed against me…I wanted to fight WOACB’s allegations in a court of law. I wanted my day in court. I wanted a judge to hear me. I wanted my voice to be heard and to speak out against being falsely accused of multiple crimes and unethical infelicities which my accuser was levying against me. So I retained legal counsel and filed, as was my legal right, a response requesting a hearing.

Needless to say, no hearing ever transpired. No day in court took place. No day for me to explain how I was the victim in all this to a judge. Why? Because WOACB’s lawyer did not want her client appearing in front of a judge. Apparently, perhaps unbeknownst to Mrs. Paulson, anything you say in a HRO hearing *can* be used against you in any other legal matter. At the time, Mrs. Paulson was attempting to sue another YouTuber by the name of Sharrell’s World and she was going to somehow try to include me in that lawsuit.  I actually liked Sharrell, and thought she was a friend, however, she blocked me and completely disassociated herself from me when she found out there was a potential “defamation” suit Mrs. Paulson was considering filing against her and myself. I am not sure why this bothers me even to this day as much as it does…it shouldn’t. Perhaps, because Sharrell never even bothered to get my side of things. Never wanted to discuss anything. Sure, it was completely her choice. I never even tried to reach Sharrell after she blocked me, contrary to some alternative facts some people were putting out there…nor at any time did I ever “turn” on Sharrell, nor make any deal with WOACB against Sharrell. Again, contrary to some alternative facts some other dishonest content creators were putting out. I seriously doubt Sharrell will ever read this blog, but if she does…I begrudge her not, and if she ever reached out to me I would accept.

Sorry for the massive tangent there, it was just something I needed to get off my chest for a very long time.

Ok, back to my story.

So, from what I was told by my legal council, WOACB’s lawyer didn’t want her client going in front of a judge where her client’s story was so utterly manipulated and contorted, to the point of being a complete caricature of the actual facts, as it could harm any future defamation suit she brought forth, and of course the same would apply to me. Anything I said in a HRO hearing, WOACB could try to find a way to use against me, in my counter defamation suit I was planning against her. Which makes perfect sense. I already knew that Mrs. Paulson had *grossly* distorted the “facts” (they weren’t facts, as facts by definition have to be true) to obtain her TRO by making it sound as if her and I were in the same room together when this supposed “sexual harassment” occurred. By “room”, she means “Vmix call” we used for our show, The NonSequitur Show, which is similar to a Zoom call, just much more expensive. To a judge however, the “sense” of the word “room” means an entirely different thing, implying the same physical proximity. Or her claiming that I, quote “took pictures of the victim without permission” trying to make it appear to the court I was *physically* taking photos of her, but the fact was she meant more took photos of her *off the internet* and used in some of my posts. To a judge however, there would be quite a bit of contextual difference there right? She made it sound in her TRO request that I had *literally* been going around taking photos of her IRL. Yup, not a great thing to defend to a judge you’re trying to convince some guy off the Internet is harassing you now is it…but at least her lawyer realized that as well.

My lawyer was convinced that Mrs. Paulson was far more concerned about her image than her safety, as anyone in their right mind, which does exclude a number of people I have dealt with, knows I am absolutely no threat to anyone, in any capacity whatsoever. WOACB played on people’s fears and wants to fill in the blanks with conjecture, supposition, and hypothesis when they are not privy to the facts…especially the fear all women have, and rightly so, of being sexually harassed. Had my testimony gone forth, I am absolutely convinced, that since it would have been a matter of public record, that it would not have looked good for Mrs. Paulson to have clearly abused not just the legal system, but the entire #metoo movement for her own agenda to silence a critic…but, my legal council assured me the right course of action was to enter into an agreement (NDA) with Mrs. Paulson to best set me up for a clear defamation lawsuit against her, for not just false allegations of sexual harassment, which I can no doubt prove in a court of law affected my channel, my reputation and my income, but also including the false allegations of fraud and medical fraud as well. (See Part I if you are unfamiliar with that part of the story).

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending upon your point of view I guess…Mrs. Paulson did not follow through with her defamation suit against Sharrell, nor myself, but rest assured had she, I had all the facts and evidence ready to go for a *significant* counter suit, as anyone can objectively look that there was no harm to her reputation, nor to her channel, by any of this, but her false allegations were most certainly harmful to me. This, I most assuredly can prove by the vicious and erroneous attacks that I still receive even to this day, by people who, for whatever inexplicable reason, still believe WOACB, contrary to the objective fact she had no evidence *at all* for her slanderous and libelous claims against me. It was quite obvious that her story was completely fabricated. (again, see part I)

So our lawyers reached an agreement, however, Mrs. Paulson’s lawyer wanted it to be open ended, but I insisted it had a 1 year expiration date, and was not going to budge on that…and I didn’t, but they did put a caveat that the NDA would be extended *if* there was a pending defamation lawsuit against myself and Sharrell’s World, which I will speculate here (speculation is fine, when based upon reasonable information, and not presented as fact!), WOACB figured it would be long extended by that provision, and to me, sufficiently explains why she capitulated to a 1 year termination date. The agreement was basically, neither of us could “defame” each other, but either one of us could do commentary on each other, especially if there were unfactual things being said. There was never a time that I could not talk about Mrs. Paulson, I just chose not to for a variety of reasons…none of which are of importance, nor even relevant now, but the fact is, that I could have, contrary to the narrative that I could not. Contrary to misinformation that I “begged” for an NDA to avoid getting a RO. Contrary to the misinformation that I threw Sharrell under the bus to cut any deal with Mrs. Paulson. Contrary to the misinformation that I couldn’t even say her name. Contrary to the misinformation that I even had a RO in the first place, that I never had! Contrary to the misinformation it was somehow filed under VAWA by the judge, which wouldn’t even apply to me, as I have never even been in the same state as Mrs. Paulson, and certainly not any relation to, nor domestic partner of hers!

Legal stuff here: An ex parte TRO is a preliminary injunction that is done without representation, and from what I gather in Minnesota is almost always granted as a precaution. It only converts to a RO (in this case it would have been a 2 year RO), called a post-injunction, if the person receiving the TRO does not request a hearing, which I did. This means I never had a RO as we never had our HRO hearing. Legally, I had a TRO which was *dismissed*. There is a massive difference between a TRO, which is granted ex parte based upon unsupported hearsay as a precaution, and a RO where that hearsay must be actually backed up with *evidence*. 

One year later, our NDA expired, and it seems nothing has changed. If anything it’s worse. WOACB has become a juggernaut amassing a cadre of stans who will believe any word she says, facts and evidence be damned. If no one listened to me then, there would be even less of a chance that they would now. So this is where I hope my story ends, as I really do not want to write a part III. I have moved on, trying to put people like WOACB behind me as I have done my tour of duty. I have sounded those warning klaxons. I was one of the first, an OG as it were, to experience first hand exactly what WOACB is capable of, and as you remember, WOACB got her YouTube start *on my show*, with my former partner Kyle Curtis (the guy who stole $60,000, and committed fraud) who will soon have an arrest warrant out for civil contempt with additional criminal contempt charges to be added. (See “Death of the NonSequitur Show” on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ghsch7_cqEQ


That is the story I want to focus on going forward. Even though I have a judgement, I still have a long way to go with my legal matters with Kyle Curtis and get justice. So this is probably all I am going to say about WOACB, and if people want to know what happened, it is in part I and now part II here. I believe WOACB has gotten as big as she is because no one listened to me before, and I doubt anyone who can make a difference is suddenly going to start to listen to me now.

I’m still that same single, cisgender, Jewish (non-practicing), heterosexual, middle aged white male…I’m just another year older.

-Steve McRae

PART III: https://greatdebatecommunity.com/2021/07/22/katie-joy-paulson-woacb-part-iii-bigger-and-badder-moab-communications-with-my-attorney/


Part I: My truth, my story and being #metoo’d by Vlogger Katie Joy Paulson

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