Kyle Curtis: BUSTED editing PDF files he submitted to the court!

Roohif, who could legally be considered an expert witness on coding, brilliantly explains in detail how Kyle Curtis was caught submitting altered evidence to the NonSequitur Show court case. Other evidence has apparently been altered as well, which we will be going over on the next Caffeine Corner. For over a year UNIRock has supported Kyle Curtis and fervently defended him claiming he knew 100% that Kyle was innocent and did not alter anything…even though it was obvious to anyone following that this was not the truth. Kyle had claimed he was improperly served in order to try to have a default judgement set aside for my lawsuit against him for fraud and stealing all the shows money by lying to the court about living with his ex-boyfriend at the time of service and falsely accusing me and my lawyer of having him served at the “wrong address”. However records submitted for depositions show absolutely no evidence of Kyle ever living with Ben at any time in all the communications between Kyle and his ex-boyfriend, contrary to UNIRock, dishonest internet lawyer Nate Broady and other people who blatantly lied about the facts to try to troll me and garnish views for their channels:

The players:

UNIRock for over a year made several several dozens of obsessive videos fabricating narrative and willfully lying about the NonSequitur Case, claiming I made fake subpoenas, fake screenshots, fake emails, all the while platforming Kyle to promote his fabricated story, and consistently getting every fundamental detail of the case wrong…all for drama for dono’s.

I wrote about UNIRock being a professional troll back in Dec 25th, 2019:

UNIRock: The Story of a Troll.

UNIRock: The Story of a Troll.

Nate Broady, using out of context clips, and dishonest editing, had made numerous false allegations about me and this case since day one. Including claiming I knew Kyle was living with Ben and that I knowingly had Kyle served at a different address, and trying to constantly character assassinate me to harm my reputation and affect my income both on Twitter and in videos that he has now made private.

Agrippa, a well established Internet troll, assisted Kyle by helping him to submit fraudulent financial records to the court by padding accounts payable with non-existent invoicing to make it appear that the show earned less money than it did in order to help Kyle get away with stealing all the money that the NonSequitur Show made.

Menace 2 Sobriety, a jailhouse lawyer giving absurdly inaccurate and bizarrely wrong “legal” information on Twitter to both Kyle and to UNIRock…and who claimed all this evidence merely could be resolve just by using a better PDF Reader.

The evidence contained in this video has been sent to Kyle’s attorney on record, and will be introduced to the court by deposition questions this week. We have also issued multiple subpoenas to Discover, Amazon and Zelle and expect at least one to be returned to us by Monday.

Kyle Curtis, who already has 1 felony conviction on record, has already been found liable by Judge Gale in the N.C. Business Court for fraud, fraudulent conversion, unfair and deceptive trade practices, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract. He is now possibly facing multiple counts of perjury, forgery and submitting altered evidence to the court. Judge Gale issued a strong warning to Kyle’s lawyer to let Kyle know, the more he prolongs this the worse it is going to get for him.

Monetary damages have yet to be awarded, but expected to be well north of $100,000 of non-dischargeable debt. While I recognize it may take several years to collect, and perhaps even may not ever get much from it…but justice will be served upon Kyle Curtis who took a lucrative successful show, stole all the money from the fans, and decided to instead lie on multiple conflicting affidavits, forge signatures of his ex-boyfriend, alter notary dates, and submit altered evidence to the court, which will most likely result in some substantial prison time.

Information in this video is all publicly available from then North Carolina business court, with any and all uniquely identifiable information redacted or blurred out. This video has been reviewed by my attorney before being made public.

Link to case: https://ncbc.nccourts.org/public/
Case # 2019CVS8163

(Premiers 10/3/2020 10:30 AM PDT)

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