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Agree to Argue: Reasons To Believe’s new show I’m a co-host of!

It’s finally here! A year in the making.

Agree to Argue. A new show by Reasons to Believe (Dr. Hugh Ross’s organization) on a new channel premiers July 8th 11 AM PST. Conceptually it is much like what I had in mind for the Great Debate Community focusing on topics and discussions from different perspectives and worldviews. Topics discussed from biochemist Dr. Fazale Rana and myself, a layperson nonbeliever, where argue doesn’t mean fight, but to discuss or persuade with rational dialog. Many of my arguments I have posted about over the years have stood the test of time, and to date, no one to my knowledge has shown them to be invalid or unsound. While some have erroneously claimed to show my arguments to be wrong, then if that was the case then why has not a single solitary philosopher agreed with them? Not one to my knowledge ever taken umbrage with my arguments…and that is not a fallacious appeal to authority, it is a statement of fact that indicates if my logic/reason were so wrong I would think at least one of the many experts I know would say so and I would then seek to shore up the argument or admit it is a bad argument and use it no further.

Instead of actually showing why arguments are wrong, it is notable the many in the atheist community tend to go after the person discussing the argument…this has quite literally been this way for years. On Agree to Argue I will have an opportunity to explain many of my arguments to a new audience comprised primarily of theists who I hope will evaluate them fairly rather than having to resort to character assassination as often is the case with the atheist community. I, and Dr. Rana, want to show that people from vastly different viewpoints can jointly come together as friends and have dialog by agreeing to argue, and even surprisingly agree on many things. We will be discussing many topics relating to science, philosophy, and theology with audience Q and A and perhaps with guests as well. It is going to be new and exciting, and hopefully eventually live in studio, but for now we have to do the responsible thing and practice social distancing and show will be from a virtual studio.

And no, I am NOT becoming a theist. I am still very much the agnostic I have been for years…which isn’t atheist. 

Links below to show to subscribe on YouTube and social media.

Agree to Argue
Code of Conduct

Agree to Argue was created to be a place where people can come from diverse worldviews to engage, challenge, and learn from one another. In order to do this successfully, there are some rules of engagement that must be adhered to.

  • “Engage,” don’t “attack”

    • Engage by posting constructive, coherent questions or comments that either test or further inquire about a statement or position. Don’t attack. This includes resorting to ad hominem arguments or using sarcastic, antagonistic, slanderous, hateful, bullying, or threatening language. Comments should focus on the idea or viewpoint, not the person holding the viewpoint.

  • Keep it clean

    • Explicit comments and profanity will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

Note: These rules are subject to change to continue promoting healthy conversation.

Description of show:

Their worldviews differ; their passion for truth doesn’t. Two unlikely friends, a Christian biochemist and a philosophical nontheist, challenge each other’s views on ethics, science, philosophy, and more. The resulting conversations, both serious and lighthearted, demonstrate how we can disagree with ideas while respecting the people behind them. Our hosts show us that we can, indeed,
Agree to Argue.

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