My truth, my story and being #metoo’d by Vlogger Katie Joy Paulson

My truth, my story and being #metoo’d by Vlogger Katie Joy Paulson


This is my story. It is not the type of story that we have unfortunately heard far too many times from victims of sexual assault or harassment, but the story of a victim who was falsely accused of sexual harassment. This story is not in any way to even remotely attempt to compare what I have been through to what many women have been personally affected by sexual abuse or harassment have been through, but it is personal to me…because it happened to me personally.

In Dec 2017 I started a YouTube channel with my then business partner Kyle Curtis called TheNonSequitur Show. This show was predicated upon the motto that opinions were sacred and that we would allow voices of differing opinions to have discussions and dialogs. To say that this show was lightning in a bottle would be a bit of an understatement. Within a year and a half the show had amassed millions of views, tens of thousands of followers, netted tens of thousands of dollars, reaching a fair market value of around $98,000.¹

During the run of the show Mr. Curtis had a vlogger named Katie Joy Paulson join him to discuss an potentially extremely dangerous fermented drink called “Jilly Juice”.² Not long after Mr. Curtis unilaterally made a decision to make Mrs. Paulson a regular “co-host” to the show in a separate segment called “The Smoking Nun”. While at the time I was not a fan of Mrs.Paulson, I didn’t have any outspoken objections to Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Paulson doing their own show together on the channel as I was under the impression that eventually they would have a spin off channel of their own. During the entire run of “The Smoking Nun”, I had only appeared with Mrs. Paulson three times, each time produced by our producer David Fulton, professionally known as Booleanenator. This will be of relevant importance soon. 

On June 11th, 2019 Mr. Curtis made another unilateral decision. This time it was to try to kick both me and Booleanenator off the channel by removing our access to the channel and abscond with approximately $60,000, half of which was mine. Money earned by ad revenue and by gracious donations from fans of the show.³ Mr Curtis attempted to continue the show without me and the producer resulting in enormous backlash by our fans, leaving Mrs. Paulson as a “co-host” and as a moderator to the channel. On June 15th, 2019 just days after Mr. Curtis had stolen the show and all the revenue, Mrs. Paulson in the live chat made accusations that I had at some point sexually harassed her by “making suggestive comments” to her.⁴ Following this accusation Mrs. Paulson then accused me of committing fraud by failing to report income that I never received because Mr. Curtis never paid me anything. On August 23, 2019  I initiated a lawsuit against Mr. Curtis and filed a complaint in N.C. Guilford County Business court case #2019CVS8163. During this lawsuit Mrs. Paulson made numerous false statements in regards to my legal case in order to try to defend Mr. Curtis’s actions by removing me and the producer from the show and fraudulently appropriating all the revenue streams from the show. She incorrectly claimed that I was on disability and that I wanted the money “under the table” and egregiously claimed that I was engaging in “criminal activities’. 

She further claimed that I was on “social security” and wanted the money in cash then later tried to claim that I never even wanted the money at all. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know too many people who would not want to be paid $30,000 for 1.5 years of work. It is the whole reason I took Mr. Curtis to court. Why would I sue someone for $30,000 if I didn’t want the money?

I have never been on disability, nor have I ever been on social security…nor did I say I wanted to be paid “under the table” or that I wanted to be paid in cash. In numerous discussions with Mr. Curtis about being paid. I was unable to have him give me the name of the CPA he claimed to be using for us to control the show’s finances, and he refused to provide me with the financial records. The producer of the show and myself were concerned about Mr. Curtis having fiscal malfeasance for months leading to Mr. Curtis removal of us both from the show. I had informed Mr. Curtis that I wanted to be paid by drawing out against the business and once rather flippantly said that I didn’t care how he paid me…deposit to my bank account, cashier check, or cash…just so long as I got paid. A cashier’s check drawn against the business is a form of cash. It is accountable. It is not being paid “under the table”.

In addition a draw is taxable income a business owner takes which is comparable to having a salary where the owner pays himself from the business. A draw would have been recorded in the books and at that point any tax liability would be mine and mine alone. Mrs. Paulson continued however to falsely accuse me of medical fraud merely days after Mr. Curtis removed me and our producer from the show. 




Let me be clear on this…my medical is no one’s business but my own. However, for transparency I have been very open about my medical because of Mr. Paulson’s false allegations. I have VA benefits. Benefits I have earned by serving my country for 6 years in the United States Navy as a Navy Nuke during Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield, which are not contingent upon any income that I make. I also have secondary medical which was available to me which is closer to my residency than the VA hospital, neither of which was Mrs. Paulson’s business. Neither of which are nor were ever based upon any disability rating. I have a 0% rating from the military. I get zero cash benefits from the military. I get zero social security benefits. Mrs. Paulson was willfully trying to defame my character to cover up Mr. Curtis actually committing fraud. 

Mrs. Paulson also continued to willfully mislead people by telling them that Mr. Curtis and I had reached some sort of agreement on “terms and payments” and that we had “settled”. This was blatantly untrue as our producer Bool had explicitly informed Mrs. Paulson that nothing was ever settled and Mr. Curtis never gave us any terms nor offered to pay us in any type of payment plan. 

It wasn’t until the following year on Jan 23, 2020 that the honorable James L. Gale issued a entry of Partial Judgment by Default against Mr. Curtis and found him liable for fraud, fraudulent conversion, unfair and deceptive trade practices, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract and I was awarded treble damages once we can establish the proper financial records. I was legally vindicated completely, and I will be asking for around a $100,000+ settlement. 


Mrs. Paulson just prior had reached out to me to apologize after finding out that Mr. Curtis had in fact lied about many things and even admitting she knew that he had lied. He lied about me committing fraud, he lied about having a lawyer, he lied about having a CPA and he lied about not asking other people to lie on his behalf to cover up his stealing $60,000+ and the show. 

She however, would not apologize for her false allegations that I somehow sexually harassed her. Instead, she played as if she was the victim in all this and that I somehow was “harassing” her and “bullying” her merely because I continued to point out her inaccurate and false statements against me and my character.

Mrs. Paulson even made a video apology to me then removed it after I would not settle for anything less than full vindication by her recinding her claim that I somehow had sexually harassed her.

Over several months her story had changed from me mentioning the word “penis” at some point, she never has said when, to claiming that I was making reference to her “hotness” in a Tweet which was actually a Tweet about a pornstar guest that we had interviewed on the show by the name of Mercedes Carrerra…to which Mrs. Paulson replied “Wow she’s got some boobs tho”. I doubt very much Mrs. Carrerra who was a very entertaining and engaging guest would be too appalled by me saying she was “Amazing! Brilliant, funny, personable, HOT AS FUCK”, but Mrs. Paulson claimed this somehow made her “uncomfortable”…and that other women had had “experiences like that”.


None of which have ever once came forward or in any way claimed that I have ever sexually harassed them. Over several months her story changed from being “uncomfortable” to directly accusing me of “sexual harassment” and various crimes.


She says “because that is my truth”, or more specifically her version of truth, none of which seems to actually comport to reality. This is where it is important where I remind people that our producer Booleanenator was in every show that I had been on air with Mrs. Paulson. Booleanenator never witnessed any harassment that Mrs. Paulson claimed during multiple iterations of her story. First it was I had mentioned the word “penis” in a Vmix call prior to one of our shows and making her feel “uncomfortable” and making her feel “uncomfortable” by  saying a pornstar was “Hot” to occurring a private phone call with her when people asked her for details of this event. I have never called nor have been called by Mrs. Paulson and to the best of my knowledge we have only ever communicated via Twitter DM and Facebook. Mr. Curtis didn’t even support Mrs. Paulson’s claims that I had sexually harassed her. Never once did he say he had ever heard at any time me being inappropriate with her nor any other guest that we have ever had on the show. Booleanenator wrote on Facebook to Mrs. Paulson about her willfully spreading misleading information to help cover up Mr. Curtis’s fraudulent activities by not keeping accurate accounting of financial records, conversion of funds into personal property for himself, and stealing the NonSequitur Show YouTube Channel and related assets. 

Mrs. Paulson used the horrible accusation of “sexual harassment” with absolutely no evidence of any kind to support it. Most who have ever asked Mrs. Paulson for evidence have been blocked by her as she refuses to ever provide a single shred of evidence of any sexual harassment. She weaponized “sexual harassment” as her own person cudgel to try to attack my character to try to impugn my character. This type of weaponization hurts actual victims of sexual harassment, such as the many women in my life who I care about who have actually been victims of sexual harassment and assault. This makes it inordinately more difficult for victims such as them to come forward to speak out against those who do actually sexually harass others. I wrote this not to play the victim, not to elicit any form of sympathy that I was falsely accused of and lied about by Katie Joy Paulson…but simply to warn others about any future dealings with her come with inherent chances that she can lie about you with what she thinks is impunity.

This is my story. This is the truth.

PART II: https://greatdebatecommunity.com/2021/06/27/youtuber-katie-joy-paulson-woacb-my-truth-part-ii/

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APPENDED 5.25.2020

Katie joy footage of her admitting it was not sexual harassment, even though she did in fact lie and claim at one point that it was.

Her claims that it was sexual harassment on Jun 15, 2019 and again on Jan 25, 2020:

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