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Aron Ra says we logically can’t get something from nothing.

Aron Ra says we logically can’t get something from nothing.


What is his actual argument for that ipse dixit statement?

There is nothing against logic to get something from nothing. Given, if nothing can or prehaps even does exist, then it would have no properties at all or at best we wouldn’t know what those properties even are or could be.

Nothing would not have not have the ability to have something come from it, but also nothing would not have the ability to prevent something from nothing. It would have no potentiality, no actuality and the only reasonable position we could take on the subject if something can come from nothing is…we don’t know.

(and no, this isn’t a reification fallacy)

Back in 2015 Ozymandias Ramses II gave a very fine argument that something coming from nothing is not impossible. This is not the same as claiming that something has come from nothing, but merely pointing out that no logical contradiction arises from something coming from nothing and therefore something from nothing exists as a bare possibility.

Ozy’s video: Can something come from nothing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7UZnJ5KACY

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