UNIRock: The Story of a Troll.

Uni “paypal me” Rock is a YouTuber who myself and my community (The Great Debate Community, GCC) stumbled across after he did a pretty decent breakdown of events regarding the breakup of The NonSequitur Show in or around June 2019. For those who are not familiar with The NonSequitur Show (NSS), first…like where have you been living? Second, the TL:DR version is that I co-own a channel on YouTube called The NonSequitur Show which my then business partner Kyle R. Curtis tried to hijack as his own, and make off with $60,000+ of the fans money. Mr. Curtis was found liable in N.C. Mandatory Superior Court for Fraud, Fraudulent Conversion, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, Breach of Contract, and Breach of Fiduciary Duty:

Case #2019CVS8163

Many from my community took a liking to UNIRock, as I did as well. I too actually enjoyed listening to his commentaries in regards to his reviews of situations going on with NSS and another YouTuber, and then Patheos writer named Katie Joy Paulson (Without a Crystal Ball) or “Katie Joy”, as she goes by now, who was a guest on the NSS show to do a segment on “Jilly Juice’ (a woo-woo and dangerous drink promoted by Jillian Mai Thi Epperly that is basically heavy brine solution of cabbage juice that causes massive diarrhea she calls “waterfalls”).

“SNAKE OIL EXPOSED: Jilly Juice, MMS & Other Pseudoscience Cures”

Ironically, Katie Joy however turned out to be a bit of a troll herself, but that is for another blog.
Needless to say for the TL:DR version- Kyle decided to have her on the show as not just a future guest, but as a “co-host” of a new show on the channel “The Smoking Nun”. Something of course which was a unilateral decision by Kyle of which I had no input nor say in the matter even though I was 50% partner of the show.

Writer and Philosopher Nicholas Lamar Soutter’s did a brilliant analysis on his blog and I suggest all read it:

“NonSequitur Nightmare”

After NSS fell apart, ergo Kyle destroyed by his ego and greed, I issued Kyle a demand letter to no longer stream to the channel, which he completely ignored. He continued to stream to the channel with Mr. Atheist (Jimmy Show), Godless Engineer, Kaitlyn Chloe and of course Katie Joy (KJ). They continued to streaming with dramatically and notably poorer content devaluing the channel significantly (from $98,000 FMV to practically at this time worthless). None of whom to this date have even been remotely apologetic to me, nor to the NSS fans for helping to destroy what I and others helped build…such as Booleanator our amazing producer and our quite dedicated fans. Katie Joy’s last appearance on the channel was on Jun 17, 2019 and if you can even make it past the first 10 min of cringe I would very much be impressed (the number of dislikes kinda says it all).

“The Smoking Nun: The Impact on Teens of Social Media Bullying”

Kyle, Katie Joy, Godless Engineer, and Kaitlyn Chole then went on to try to character assassinate me by trying to claim I committed “tax evasion”, “VA/Medical Fraud” and “sexual harassment”. All of which she had quite literally no evidence for whatsoever. Katie joy later “apologized” for some of those accusations, but not all…and then lied about ever apologizing for them. This has been substantially documented else where and you find all that here with a commentary account on Katie Joy: https://twitter.com/WOACrystalBallS and again on Nicholas Lamar Soutter’s blog:

“The Fire and the Fury”

Now, back to UNIrock. UNIrock once again, did a surprisingly decent job breaking down the involvement of Katie Joy with NSS and with her numerous accusations against me…but then it happened. UNIRock decided that views and $ were more important than his integrity (something I know beyond all doubt that he never had). UNI wanted to do a video to “criticize” me. Which is all fine and dandy…except he didn’t care if what he was being critical about was correct or not. He simply wanted to basically stir the pot for drama and was hoping I would make a response video, which I did:

“Late night updates on what Unirock got wrong. Very wrong. Deets on screen shots and Katie Joy”

During which at 1:15:40 I literally had to take of my headphones and just talk as in 7+ years of being on YouTube I have never once had someone on my channel who interrupted more, talked over more, and who clearly couldn’t understand astronomically basic logic…and I argue against flat Earthers!

I told UNIRock that I no longer wished to be providing him information about various YouTube situations such as with NSS and KJ…nor wish to expend any energy making videos to address him further. This did not sit well well with UNIRock and he decided to play the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” game and actually befriended KJ because he couldn’t get me to react to him further to drive his views, subs and “paypal me” YouTube mentality.

UNIRock then went on to try to take a page from the Kyle and KJ playbook of character assassination and accuse me of running a “fraudulent” fundraiser for at the time fellow YouTuber Leslie Bass. An at the time sick with the flu mother of 6 kids who just lost her nephew just prior to Christmas who both UNIRock and KJ quite literally harassed and bullied until she was having panic attacks and shut down all her social media. Including mass flagging campaigns by KJ to false flag Leslie’s channel which Leslie ended up getting a Community Guideline Strike (GCS) preventing her from streaming for 3 months. Both of them have die hard fans (or trolls) who go out sending intimidating messages to people, such as to myself, Leslie Bass, Sipping Tea With Me Jo, and other content creators…and again you can find all this heavily documented on social media including https://twitter.com/WOACrystalBallS Twitter account. I am aware that GCS’s are only supposed to be a warning, then 1 week, then 2 week without being able to stream…but I am unable to ask Leslie for clarification as she has basically gone off grid with me.

UNIRock and KJ then started running narrative that this was somehow a “fraudulent fundraiser”. In no uncertain terms there was no “fraud” involved. I have in 7+ years on YouTube helped numerous people in times of need and supported a number of fund raisers and donated even as much as 10%, if not over, of my entire income last year to what I felt to be worthy causes. Leslie was a worthy cause. I didn’t want UNIRock or KJ’s deplorable and reprehensible actions to affect Leslie’s revenue during Christmas so during a Instagram Live stream I offered to Leslie to have her come on my channel and I would donate 100% of the net revenue from Super Chats to her. She was earning around $1k/month and I at least was hoping to subsidize some of her losses. Less than 30 min later we were streaming on my channel, (no collusion!), and raised about 1k over 3 days. ($536 from Super Chats, and an additional around $500 directly to Leslie’s Paypal afterwards according to her). KJ then issued a defamation claim against the video…yes, against a Super Chat drive for a mother of 6 kids during Christmas which resulted in it being blocked in the UK.

“|Leslie bass SuperChat drive for her family to show Katie Joy Paulson we will not silenced”

UNIRock and KJ continued to run narrative that Leslie was for some reason faking not being able to stream…even though Leslie showed a video of her trying to stream and it coming up with an error message of being unable to stream due to a GCS. They also claimed some email sent to Leslie about the strike was “fake”. While there was 2 small anomalies in regards to the typeset and grammar of the letter the header clearly showed it was an email to Leslie’s real email account in regards to a CGS. These anomalies as of this date have gone unresolved as again, Leslie went off grid and doesn’t wish to further even address any accusations by UNIRock or KJ.

After distancing myself from UNIRock I removed his mod wrench from my main channel, but forgot to on my alt channel, the Great Debate Community (GDC). During a live stream with one of KJ’s former mods and major supporters UNIRock came to the live feed and starting hiding my viewers. He managed to remove 2 listeners before I demodded him and kicked him from the live chat.

“UNLEASHED: Supermommy76 and I read deleted Katie Joy comments.”

Thus UNIRock the troll was born. UNI “Paypal me” Rock is all about saying bullshit merely to stir up drama to get views and $$$. He has no ethics. No moral compass. No actual opinions other than what he needs to say to stir up drama and try to get other content creators to make videos about him so he can make response videos. This is a man with no honor.

“In Defence of Unirock “- Igor Freeman

“Yes Leslie bass “stole” helping a mother 6 with xmas or someone’s smoke funds see PuniCock logic 🤷” – Sipping Tea With Me Jo

UNIRock is a troll.

Author: Steve McRae

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