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An open letter to Mr. Atheist and other YouTube content creators.

An open letter to Mr. Atheist, and other YouTube content creators.


     This is an open letter to Mr. Atheist and other YouTube content creators. I speak for myself and by my own accord, and on behalf of the NonSequitur show fans who wish to acknowledge themselves as being in support of this letter and who have demanded answers as to the missing tens of thousands of dollars, donated equipment, and as to the financial records, which have not yet been handed over to my attorney.

     A patron recently pointed out a Mr. Atheist subreddit where someone was asking for clarity regarding the NonSequitur controversy…a question I believe will be asked more and more frequently by fans of Mr. Atheist, and other YouTube creators who may either still affiliate with the channel or have, for their own reasons, abstained from weighing in on the matter. This letter is to allow Mr. Atheist, and other YouTube creators who wish to maintain their reputation and high level of ethical standards a chance to ask themselves the same questions that the NonSequitur show fans are asking. Where is the money? Where are the financial records? Where are the Patreon and Amazon donations? 

     I have publicly stated, and reaffirm that if Mr. Atheist, or any other trusted YouTube creator, is, rather than simply trusting one side over the other, asks for and is shown the books and is willing to certify that the estimated $60,000+ in revenue is properly accounted for, I will take his word for it. I believe this would go a very long way towards showing the community that people are not being tribalistic, but will hold ourselves to the same standard that we would hold theists or televangelists who have failed to account for the donations of their parishioners. It would also, I believe, legitimize Mr. Atheist, or any other YouTube creator who continues to associate with the NonSequitur Show channel as having acted in good faith, and insulate them should more material facts become public.

     Today I notarized and gave to my attorney a 12 page, 7 point complaint for filing with the General Court of Justice Superior Court Division (Gulford County). For all practical purposes, we consider this an unlosable case, as the defendent has repeatedly admitted to the debt, contract, and locking me out. He has, contrary to NC state law, refused to show the financial records to a partner in a joint business enterprise. Per NC state law, given the material facts of the matter, we are also seeking financial restitution for all attorney and court costs, which unfortunately will likely be drawn from the donations by the NonSequitur fans, not, I suspect, the original intent of the donations.

     I know that Mr. Atheist and/or other YouTube creators respect that when people donate funds, with an expectation, those expectations will be met. We all have an ethical responsibility to ensure that that’s what in fact takes place. Failure to do so does not just do a disservice to ourselves, but to our fans as well. So I ask, will Mr. Atheist and/or other YouTube creators to stand up and engage the difficult questions, and do so with the same rigor that they would and have of so many others?  When $60,000 or more in cash and equipment are unaccounted for on a show with which they affiliate, do they engage, or do they look the other way?

     There are differences between us, but surely this request transcends them, and goes straight to the heart of who we are.  When push comes to shove; Will good people stand up and do the right thing? The decision is ultimately yours, but please consider this a goodwill gesture to you, or to those who wish to get out of the way of a speeding bus coming down the road…before it hits the oncoming train.


Steve McRae

  1. Red Hand
    Red Hand

    Dear Steve,
    I have been observing the wonderful Wagner-like saga of the Non Seq show and your actions with some bemused interest. For clarity; I am not a fan of Kyle or you. How Kyle has acted is unethical and dishonest. It is to be determined by the courts, if indeed it gets to court, whether it was illegal.
    Your assertions of some crime are not based in reality. The same applies to your claims of defamation.
    Some comments on this post:
    1. Your inability to use spell check and the poorly constructed sentences indicates either a very poor education or some form of extreme distress induced by pressure. This “letter” is garbled and laughable.
    2. Your ‘call to arms’ naming Mr Atheist (and then other YT’s) and trying to shame him into some sort of action reeks of desperation and pity begging. It is transparent and just rather sad.
    3. You claim $60,000 in cash/assets yet are continuing to bleat you have not seen the books. Childishly, you have a counter keeping track of this timeline. I can only assume from this nonsense that you are stretching reality to fuel your narrative of being the victim. However your own negligence seems to go without comment. What sort of businessman is not on top of their financials from day 1? What sort of businessmen does not seek access to revenue reports on am monthly basis? What sort of businessman refuses to enter into some form of formal structure because “their daddy got screwed”? You failed to manage your own interests.
    4. Your claim with all the spelling mistakes “For all practical purposes, we consider this an unlosable(sic) case, as the defendent (sic) has repeatedly admitted to the debt, contract, and locking me out. He has, contrary to NC state law, refused to show the financial records to a partner in a joint business enterprise.” is complete drivel and total fantasy and possibly bordering on frivolous. I note you fail to mention under what statute you claim this is ” contrary to NC state law”.
    You have neither a corporate structure nor any partnership deed. The fact you misspelt defendant and trot out this utter nonsense lends me to view your putative claim as frivolous and without substance in law. A fishing expedition to apply pressure on Curtis to negotiate. Unlosable(sic) case. You and your sycophants may well hold this fantasy as true, I’m sure your lawyer doesn’t. So who were you really addressing with this mangled misspelt diatribe? Your ignorant fan boys.
    5. For someone that continually bleats – no drama – your actions have been anything but “no drama”. Your whole campaign including blocking anyone that challenges your narrative and labelling them trolls illustrates your lack of integrity. You can’t stand any criticism.
    Now in a final desperate attempt to continue your e begging you concoct this absolute bucket of nonsense.
    6. You have failed to address the very clear evidence from your own tweets and your video comments around your structuring the timing of payments “so you can continue to receive Medi-Cal.” I’m not at all surprised your current lawyer is ignoring this given it is a CA matter not a NC matter, it is however something that many of even your closest allies have pointed out – “this does not look good”. Your response , brand people trolls, fail to even look at your own quotes stating the above and continued blocking. Denial may feel fantastic but does not mask the actual evidence. Evidence you demand to see but then refuse to look at when presented.
    7. The hypocrisy of you and your “inner sanctum” (that induced some chuckles) whereby you demand evidence to back claims and yet fail to provide any that back your is hilarious to observe. You run shows about NSS deleting comments and blocking people and yet you and your mods do precisely the same thing. It is truly baffling how deluded you must be not to see this.

    I expect this post to be deleted, this is your mo. I do have a copy. Sanitise the narrative, label people as trolls who ever challenge you and deny reality. It matters not. You will have read it and realised that most balanced reasonable people are not only entertained by this nonsense but find you just a rather sad laughing stock not ever taken seriously and perpetuating that impression.
    The reality is that you are in a squabble over a small YT channel’s piddling revenue in an obscure corner of the internet. You have demonstrably shown you have no ability to grow a channel on your own. You have a life that no one would aspire to. You are however full of hubris and self importance as clearly shown by this sad yet hilarious “open letter” and you remonstrations of ‘honour and integrity”
    I await your next “Open Letter” with delight. Will this be the one where you “have withdrawn from any legal actions and have decided that you will now focus on your channels and your valuable viewers”
    with regards
    Red Hand Man
    PS lets see if you do have honour and integrity and leave this post for other to read. We both know the answer to that question.

    1. Avatar

      When attacking someone’s spelling and grammar, it is wise to mind one’s own.
      I ran your comment through Grammarly Basic and it found 17 spelling and grammatical errors (after deducting the ones you quoted from the OP).
      I assume that you are in the UK and that some of your spelling errors may be a result of different conventions; but Jeez, man, have you never heard that saying about what people who live in glass houses ought and ought not to do?

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