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How to attack an argument…start by don’t be an idiot.

How intelligent people attack an argument:
1) Look for flaws in the logic.
Example: Other day I commuted the “fallacy of four terms” and someone noted it and I immediately thanked them for it!
2) Look for reasons why the premises are not true (false). I say “not true” or “false” rather than “bad” because “bad” is a value judgement.
3) Ask yourself if the argument is convincing. The argument from contingency for God is not logically flawed, and I would not even say it isn’t unsound…but is it convincing? No, as it is a vacuous argument which doesn’t actually explain anything even if one does accept the principle of sufficient reason.
How idiots attack an argument:
1) Post memes.
2) Just say a person is wrong by fiat.
3) Call them a troll.
Don’t be an idiot…learn how to be a better interlocutor.
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