Atheists on Air: Beyond the Trailer Park Ep. 118: Thomas Westbrook, Holy Koolaid

Streamed live on Jul 17, 2017

This week, the ladies are joined by Thomas Westbrook, the creator of the Holy Koolaid channel on YouTube.

Thomas Westbrook, a missionary kid raised in a former Soviet, Muslim country fell in love with science while studying at Texas A&M. His travels have taken him to Afghanistan, Vietnam, Russia, and just about everywhere in between.

His cognitive journey has led him from youth pastor to full time secular activist promoting science, free thought, and critical thinking while fighting against cult-like manipulation tactics used by authoritarian governments, abusive relationships, and fundamentalist religious organizations.

He now runs a weekly, animated show on YouTube called Holy Koolaid where he encourages people to dare to be curious and not drink the Koolaid.

We’re looking forward to hearing Thomas’ fascinating story and what he talks about on his show!

Holy Koolaid:…

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Author: Deborah McTaggart

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