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    It is impossible to disprove the philosophy/ theory of solipsism because of the following facts that for one to that of the solipsist you are nothing but another counter part of the illusion furthermore another reason that it cannot be proved is the fact or maybe defined as anomaly that happen in the infant years which most if not all children experience somewhat of an extent of solipsism and it is called Infant Solipsism; But One thing that can be understood by those who follow Gorgias of Leontini a.k.a. the unofficial father of solipsism his four main points follow: Nothing exist,Even if something exists, nothing can be known about it,Even if something can be known about it, knowledge about it can’t be communicated to others,Even if it can be communicated, it cannot be understood; that can be understood from person to person differently and perceived in different way like how if you were explain something to someone and they could not understand it so you have to get someone else to explain it hence the philosophy that you cannot communicate or have them understand what you speak of but you can have the party of the non existent communicate between itself to understand hence the philosophy takes form making it to which more fuel feeds the fire to which. To which empiricism is founded on the fact that all knowledge is based on previous experience the only way that is correct in this sense is the fact that it helps the non existent communicate between itself hence to which the reason the statement that empiricism proves solipsism wrong is void in the matter at hand for which solipsism is an unprovable and disprovable philosophy/ theory and lastly it is but the human brain that they are afraid of having no use or nobody else around them to which that frightens them hence the continuous attempts to prove it is wrong out of fear but to no vail did I take the time to listen to which the true empiricism is found on previous knowledge and hence impossible to disprove solipsism and thus did not take time to research my statement of fear so do not try to criticize I was but making my own judgement upon humanity and the human consciousness for I am a solipsist but not that of the compared to what is a “true solipsist” because that is unable to be compared to

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    I feel like should also add that empiricism is also related to the fact that empiricism has ties to religion but with solipsism it doesn’t so furthermore this debate between solipsism being disproved is a ploy when it can only be described as a religious debate between no god or god/ after life or no after life and also has aesthetics but again with solipsism it has no ties neither religion or aesthetic because everything around you and everything that you have been told is true if really fake and is a ploy or a lie furthermore it is all a deception to it’s depths

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