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Steve McRae’s channel:


Jan 1st, Mon 9 PM PST: Paulogia and Shannon talk about Pseudoscience Communication Strategies.

Jan 3rd, Wed 3 or 3:30 PM PST: EliteSkeptiC (Civil Engineer) – An Ex YEC gives his story on how he over time as he progressed in his studies he realized YEC was so very very wrong.

Jan 3rd, Wed 6 PM PST: “Let’s Talk About You- W/ Shannon Q: G Man”

Jan 7th  Sun 5 PM PST (7 CST/9AST):  “Let’s Talk About You! W/Shannon Q #2: Nephilimfree edition.

Jan 12th, 2018: 5 PM EDT (2 PM PDT): Dr. Henke & Dr. Loechelt on He diffusion rates.

Jan 19th, 2018: 5 PM EDT (2 PM PDT): Dr. Henke & Dr. Loechelt on He diffusion rates. (part II)

Jan 23rd Tue 6 PM PST: Dr. Herman Mays


Next month:

Feb 14th, 2018: 5 PM EDT (2 PM PDT): Dr. Richard Carrier.

Q and A and special invite session to promote his appearance on our new Podcast The NonSequitur Show on Feb 28th along with Pam Whissel (Editor of American Atheist).


Nonsequitur Show Podcast:

Jan 14th  Podcast soft opening (pre-recorded): Kent Hovind vs Dr. Herman Mays

Jan 17th IDEA: Comedy: Guests- Tony Deyo (from Conan O’Brian), Steven Lesser Co-Host: TBD

Jan 24th IDEA: Food: Guests- Chef Stephon Jenkins Co-Host: Jade West

Jan 31st IDEA: Atheism: Guest- Pam Whissle (Editor of American Atheist). Co-Host: Holy Koolaid

Feb 7th IDEA: Controversy: Guest- Godless Girl (not formalized yet). Go-Host: TBD

Feb 14th IDEA: Infallibility (The bible): Guest: Dustin Segers. Co-Host- TBD


Additional possible guests: Mark Kurian (Founder/Owner of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine) (Confirmed)

Carmen Electra (Waiting for confirmation, but will get back to us)

MaCray Huff (star of Chicagolicious) (Confirmed)

Dr. Stephanie Clarke

Chef Chris Albrecht (Director of Marketing for Onehub, Master of Ceremonies at the Smart Kitchen Summit) (Confirmed, but need date)


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