TrueEmpiricism on The Atheist Experience. (Matt Dillahunty owes me $20 dollars)

Published on Jun 27, 2016

I did my best to translate Ronnie’s incoherent ramblings when he called into The Atheist Experience. What do you all think, does Matt owe me $20? Remember, this was challenge level INSANE…but I tried! THUMBS UP if you like and/or think Matt owes me $20 bucks. LOL!

“Oh I would say, I mean you guys said a lot there and
I’m going to try to respond to each point that you made
the best the I can, but the first one you said about ah
peer review there is a data base on the intelligent design
web site if you want to go look at their different articles
that they published against evolution in in attempting to
make an argument for intelligent design.

But I would say that because this isn’t a ca’ a causal
argument we do not need a peer review article to tell
us whether or not the implications of the data that
intelligent design is calling into question is true because
one of the purposes for the peer review process is to
help to increase scientific knowledge.

Intelligent design is a causal argument calling into
question previous knowledge in the past, that’s what it
it’s attempting to do so. So da’the very fact that it is
calling on previous knowledge in the past, it’s ah, it
would be making ca’causal a’argument based on
knowledge appealing to, you know, just basic
information that all…all mankind exposed to modern
society knows and understands.”
– Ron (TrueEmpiricism)

Author: Steve McRae

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