Flat Earth Model Challenge

From: Callzter

This is it.

I’m gonna do something that for years and years, flat earthers are either too scared or too lazy to do themselves;

I’m going to create a working flat earth model that explains all observations and experiments.

It’ll be tricky, though. VERY tricky. These are the things the model needs to do:

– It must explain both lunar and solar eclipses.

– It must explain what the flat earth equivalent of gravity is and why it exists.

– It must have all the continents and countries be the CORRECT sizes and shapes with little to no distortions, and they MUST be their correct and accepted distances from eachother. This is to fix the problem with flying from say, sydney to Johannesburg on a flat earth.

– It must give proper information on how far away the sun, moon and stars are, with actual geometry involved that works out and also matches observations. It should also explain why they exist and why they work the way the do. It also cant be filled with hand-waving while simultaneously being laughably shit.

– It must explain the existence of a celestial sphere with two celestial poles that’s enclosing a flat earth despite being a sphere.

– It must explain why the sun can set on a flat earth despite no law of geometry allowing this… EVER.

– It must explain why boats vanish over the horizon and why they wont come back even if you use a magnification device.

– It must explain the existence of comets and asteroids on a flat earth where space doesn’t even exist.

– It needs to explain why the angular size of the sun doesn’t change over the course of a day when you use a solar filter.

– It must explain why we dont see different sides of the moon if its really close and circling above our heads.

– It must explain the equinox conundrum and how the sun can rise due east and set due west for all observers at all latitudes on a flat earth.

– It must explain axial procession.

– It must explain why we dont see elliptical star trails.

– It must explain how and why the sun can change it’s spotlight shape as the seasons go by.

– It must explain why the moon goes through its phases every 27 days yet goes around the earth every 24 hours and how it doesnt go through its phases every 24 hours if it went around every day.

– It must explain how the sun can speed up and slow down as it moves tropics over the course of the year between solstices.
Wow. That’s a lot. Comment below if I missed anything.

But yeah. This is a pretty big undertaking. I’m not even a flat earther, and I’m doing something the flat earthers should do but arent going to. You guys can just sit back and watch your YT videos, and I’ll do all the hardwork trying to work something out with your shitey model. How about that?

If anyone wants to join me on this quest, comment below to discuss.

Author: Steve McRae

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